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Botswana 2017
Nikon D610
Botswana 2019
Nikon D850
Zambia 2015
Nikon D610
Botswana 2016
Nikon D610
South Africa 2007
Fuji S5 Pro
Botswana 2007
Fuji S5 Pro
Botswana 2008
Fuji S5 Pro
Tanzania 2005
Fuji S2 Pro
Tanzania 2006
Fuji S2 Pro
Botswana 2006
Fuji S3 Pro
Botswana 2001
Fuji S1 Pro
Botswana 2002
Fuji S1 Pro
Tanzania 2003
Fuji S1 Pro
Botswana 2004
Fuji S2 Pro & Nikon D100

Some photographs are quite graphic in their content, they are not designed to shock,
they just show it the way it is.

Please note that all photographs and material on this site are subject to copyright and must not be reproduced without prior permission.

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